– Kissin Kippers Fishin Club at Love Summer Festival 2018


he last two years have been nuts! Playing just about anywhere that will have us…and anywhere that will have us back. In truth, KKFC have been together for 20 years, and in that time have managed to embrace and combine every musical genre that has ever mattered. Influences in electro, dance, jazz, funk, R&B, folk….the list goes on and on.

kissin kippers photo

To some they become a guilty pleasure, for others they are just plain addictive. This 5 piece have squashed themselves into some of the smallest and oddest spaces you can conjure up for a band to play in. Originating from Staffordshire, KKFC have supported Nigel Clark (of Dodgy fame) for one of his acoustic sets and also appeared at a few impromptu gigs in his local pub on open mic night. Then on to supporting DODGY at The Garage, Highbury, London

The music we create is totally original. We don’t rehearse because we play together in some place or other like twice a week. We’ve gigged all over and people like us.

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