Festival 2017

Welcome to our Festival Page for 2017

glitz Our Theme for 2017 is Glitz & Glamour

We Have 4 Venues and a Live Stage think Joan Collins meets Glam Rock in the Casino Royale with a good dose of 007 Licensed to Thrill mixed in!  We will be publishing full line-ups here over the coming months. You will find details on each of our venues under the MEDIA menu tab at the top of the page.



This is our 7th year of Love Summer Festival so I thought I would tell you a bit about how it all started.

The first Love Summer was a Private Festival to Celebrate our 20th Wedding Anniversary for the many friends we had made on our journey through life.


We wanted this Festival to be perfect, like when we first met, back in the “Good Old Days” when Festivals were “Still Special” you know the sketch, we didn’t want peeps banging on about it being “better back then”!!


We have been involved with Festivals all our lives and whilst our children grew up and experienced them with us sometimes, they never really understand the magical times we experienced back in the “good old days” of our youth before they came along. We couldn’t quite put our finger on it at the time, but they didn’t quite get it! Although the shows from the likes of Glastonbury & Big Chill were awesome and an experience, it didn’t mean the same things to them, they appeared to get less from it. From the first time I walked into Glastonbury at 15 years old something compelled me to go back every year and that was 33 years ago. What was different, what had changed, what was that Magic Ingredient that was missing, what was it? all I knew was we weren’t going to find it in a shop or in a packet or bottle.


So we really gave it some thought and came up with a list of things that we thought needed to be included:-

# Everyone needed to be there, it was about a big camp with all your friends, no exclusions…..
# Not about the money, none of us had any back then and that’s a fact
# Laughing till you hurt and couldn’t stand up – COMPULSORY
# Performers that just do it because they Love It! – SPONTANEOUS
# A diverse range of entertainment and ideas a chance to experience something NEW
# Giving others a chance to achieve and put on a SHOW, nobody stopped anyone doing anything “back in the day!”
# To show our Children how to Party Safely from our 30 years dedicated service!!!!!


But most of all we wanted to do it with LOVE, when we first started going to Festivals it was about being together, laughing together and looking after each other. We have tried to sew these values into the fabric of our event and we hope you enjoy it, we do!      

Once again we will be on a beautiful but secret Green & Lush  Devon Meadow complete with a lovely River and beautiful woods. We are planning to increase numbers  a little  this year, there will only be 600 Adult Invites available on a strictly first come first served basis. We will again be operating on a complete Value For Money (VFM) Basis and the invite contribution will be set at £65 , we have increased it a little, in 2016 we expanded our children’s entertainment for all our Little Lovers and also our on-site Medical Cover , this year we think it would also be great to try and include a budget for a Headline Act or two and maybe some Showers!. As I am sure you appreciate all these things cost money but we feel the cost still represents great value as you would struggle to just camp in Devon for that price in August!


Our theme for 2017 is Glitz & Glamour – So you can expect anyone from James Bond, Paris Hilton & Joan Collins to be camped next to you. As ever the Days will be about our Children and our Nights will be Party, Party & a bit more Party, case you haven’t had enough. We are particularly looking for Cabaret &  Diva’s this year so if anyone knows any AMAZING ACTS please ask them to get in touch……


We will be operating 4 venues again this year!. Expect some of our finest Local Crews & Collectives together with incoming Sounds From The City. We will be listing performers and acts over the coming months and please remember none of the performers are taking part for your CASH they are doing it for the Love Of Party and for You! We would be nowhere without our performers and are always blown away by the quality of the acts that are prepared to give time out in coming to perform for us  B I G  R E S P E C T to you all. Any performers DJ’s, Acts, Performers or just General Fools who would like to Perform for our Pleasure and Entertainment, Please, Please, Please get in touch with us at info@lovesummerfestival.com


2017 will see a very small invite charge increase to £65 for a Full Weekend Adult Camping Ticket, Children & Teenagers will be £25 (i.e.6-17) 5’s & under are free, this will enable us to have dedicated budgets set aside to ensure entertainment is provided across all age ranges. 

Subgiant on our Main Stage in 2016

We will also be expanding our Market Areas and also our secluded and shady Wellbeing Field for some early morning Yoga or Tai Chi  so anyone who would like to come and get involved or simply sell their wares you can contact us at info@lovesummerfestival.com we can accommodate most things and are extremely amenable to anyone looking for a job in the “Bright Ideas Department”.


We will also be looking for stewards and helpers this year to come and join the team, so if you have any skills that you may think may be of benefit, are struggling to finance your summer festy’s, or simply have gotta be involved then please contact us at info@lovesummerfestival.com we are very friendly and will try to reply as soon as possible.


For all the latest news and confirmed acts checkout our Facebook Page or email Join to info@lovesummerfestival.com


We also have a Facebook Group  please ask to be added

Finally massive thanks to The Love Summer Team and everyone who works so hard to make this event happen.