Love Summer Festival 2020 | Devon | August | 2020

4 - 6th AUGUST

Newnham Park Estate, Plympton, Devon, PL75BN

Devilman at Love Summer Festival 2023 - Friday 4th August | Newnham Estate Park, South Devon, PL7 5BN

aeon takeover - featuring DEVILMAN

Born and bred in Birmingham, Devilman quickly grew to be one of the pioneers of his local and later the United Kingdom grime scene. As he perfected his style over his prosperous 20+ year career and grew to become internationally known for his original content, style and delivery in a wide range of genres. Creating hit after hit, regularly being played on mainstream and underground radio shows.

Devilman has a massive back catalogue of music from starting off in Vortex crew, later moving to Dark Elements crew. Finally he progressed to co-run his own SIKA records label creating a massive international fan base with a wide listening age range and genre demographic from road men to girls wanting to be strangled with iphone chargers.

During Devilman’s prosperous career, he has had ongoing clashes with London based MC “Skepta” that first started when skepta invited him to perform in a clash on Lord of the Mics in 2006. This initial clash is still regarded as one of the best Grime clashes of all time and brought devilman even more well deserved recognition and respect. Watch the re uploaded video here

In his extensive back catalogue Devilman has continued to release hits across multiple genres SIKA records, with ”Drum and Bass Father” racking up over 20 million vIEws on youtube. As well as being featured on a wide range of tracks from various prolific MCs and collaborating with top producers to co-produce new genres of music.

Devilman has racked up 100s of hours of live performances in clubs, boats, raves and festivals across the globe and holds one of the most amount of catch phrases of any multi genre MC of his kind. This creates an unforgettable live show consisting of a full spectrum of original underground UK music.

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