Love Summer Festival 2020 | Devon | August | 2020

4 - 6th AUGUST

Newnham Park Estate, Plympton, Devon, PL75BN

Chunky Bizzle at Love Summer Festival 2023 - Friday 4th August | Newnham Estate Park, South Devon, PL7 5BN

aeon takeover - chunky bizzle

Since getting his own 1210s in 2004 Chunky Bizzle has continued to grow his love of all things DnB both as a producer, DJ and label owner. Starting a a promotion company in his home town of Daventry in 2005 and after working hard in room 2’s around the country, he began to make a name for himself and began working for Random Concept events.

In 2008 he joined Eternal Muzic, to hold Drum and Bass events across the UK. Later they went on to create Eternal Muzic Records and have released some huge tracks from the likes of Macky Gee, Guv, Subzero, Filthy Habbits and many more. Chunky Bizzle himself teamed up with Stormin in 2012 to create a mix CD “big fat just like Heather” featuring some of the biggest MC’s in the scene.

In the coming years Chunky Bizzle has played at major events and festivals across the country and Europe In 2015 he joined Shabba D’s Higher Level crew with Stormin and Swifta where he continues to tour with the group as their main DJ. Chunky Bizzles record label has continued to flourish and he has also been working with Higher Level on vocal DnB music videos and live PA’s. Now also part of the SIKA Studios stable of artists and fresh off a headline tour with Devilman this Autumn 22 Chunky Bizzle brings his high energy set of jump up, rollers and dub plates to the Aeon Reloaded take over at Love Summer Festival.

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