Love Summer 2018 – Super Earlybird Tickets

Love Summer 2017 - Earlybird2

2018 Super Earlybird Tickets  – Now Available

(Please Read the Terms and Conditions at the end of the page before booking.)

August 10-12th 2018

Site Address – Newnham Park, Plympton, Devon, PL7 5BN

We are making 50 Super Early Bird Tickets available to our regular customers at £50 + £5.00 Booking Fee 

In 2017 we upped our Numbers and our Production Quality. However in 2018 there will be NO INCREASE IN SIZE, but expect another HUGE jump in ENTERTAINMENT PROVISION. There will be a small increase in admission charge to cover this as we feel Value for Money in Festival Production should be met in all respects.

Super Early Bird Tickets will give a significant saving over the Standard Admission Price for 2018

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(No admittance to unaccompanied Under 18’s)



We know how expensive it can be taking the whole family for a festival experience so we try to offer something affordable and fun to people on a budget. Our Earlybird Family Glamping Package consists of

  • 4 Person Bell Tent with Mattresses and Decoration (erected for your arrival)
  • 2 Adult Weekend Entry Tickets
  • 2 U18 Weekend Entry Tickets
  • Private Portable Loo with a key

Our Price for this is £375 – For Devon in August we think this is exceptional value for money






The site is fully secure (hosted by PayPal to protect your purchase) and takes all Credit\Debit Cards or PayPal if you have an account   
Any problems you can email us at
Da Small Print……. Please Read before purchasing invites
  1. This is a family friendly event and is very much orientated towards attendance by children. We expect all campers to respect this particularly in relation to the no-smoking ban within enclosed spaces, and the movement of vehicles on the site.
  2. The Campsite is located at Newnham Park, Plympton, Devon, PL75BN we will send out maps with the invites closer to the event. Anyone travelling from afar or wishing to book a hotel! please get in touch and we will let you have any information you need. Camping is available from Friday 10th from 1.00pm, however there will be no entertainment until 4.00pm, food stalls will close by 2.00am. Music will finish at 7.00pm Sun 12th August. Last departure from site will be 1.00pm on Monday 13th August
  3. There is no admittance to anyone under the age of 18 without accompaniment by a parent or guardian, or at the very least a responsible adult. Proof of age may be required to obtain entry.
  4. There will be no Bar on site, campers will need to bring their own. The sale of alcohol on the site by anybody is strictly prohibited under the terms of the license. We would like the children to be able to run around barefoot, please remember this when purchasing your alcohol and bring cans or plastic bottles wherever possible
  5. Dogs are permitted on site, however they must be on a lead or tied up in your camp at all times unless away from the campsite for exercise. No exceptions will be made to this (including for my dog). We will not tolerate dogs running around the site!
  6. No private generators or soundsystems, if you want to be perform, play, DJ or just blatantly show off contact us and we can arrange this. If you want your own private portaloo for your group, contact us in advance and we will arrange this for you at cost price ready for when you arrive.
  7. Trading – All sale of goods on the site is by prior arrangement with the organisers. To trade within our market area, or to bring a stall to sell your wares please contact us at The sale of any Substances, Gases or Paraphernalia regardless of being Legal, Illegal, Herbal or Otherwise as deemed inappropriate for a family event will not be tolerated at our events, this includes tobacco and smoking products.. 
  8. The event is restricted to 1000 invited guests, once reached there will be no further invites available.
  9. We accept no responsibility for this event not going ahead due to circumstances beyond our control i.e. Acts of God, Foot & Mouth, Outbreak of War etc!
  10. No cars are permitted on site, if you are dropping a caravan or trailer you will be allowed 30 minutes to unhitch and site. Failure to comply may result in you being asked to leave site

Team Love Summer – We Thank You


Well my Lovelies…. What Can I say, we’re home now and had 24hrs sleep after 2 weeks Funemployment in the fields with you all. It still hasn’t quite sunk in yet what you all achieved, but one thing I know is that this year it really came together, the hard work and dedication that has been put into this event by a huge number of people over 2017 really shone through, control of the event is no longer with a few people it has spread through to others who have most definitely picked up the ball and run with it, you blew us away, beyond anything we could dream of.

During the clean-up process we have had a chance to reflect on the combined achievement of us all and feel we have all created something very special. Moving forward into 2018 we already have our License in place and have taken a decision that we will NOT be increasing the size of the event, our focus will remain on the quality of our entertainment and production provision. The Performers, Entertainers & Production Crews have 200% proved this year that this is where our future lies, the show that you provided for us this year was phenomenal for such a small event.

Love Summer 2017 - Tim Francis - 25

All our site crew from the build\break crews to Stewards, Medical & Security have grafted this year and it certainly showed, it humbles us greatly and we are proud to be working with each and every one of you. One thing is for certain the place was run by a TEAM, the event didn’t need YOU the whole place was YOU, you cannot direct something like this, it’s dynamic and just has to happen, hence the quality of the outcome depends entirely on the attitude and approach of these people, there’s no Manual or Job Spec, there’s no dress rehearsal or dry-run, there’s little money and not a lot of thanks, it’s bang in your face from gates open and TEAM LOVE SUMMER the results speak for themselves.

Love Summer 2017 - Tim Francis - 2

Over the coming year we have made a decision to channel all our work into Love Summer alone, at times this year we became stretched due to involvement with other events, you have our assurance that we will be working for the next 51 weeks of the year to help build on the success you have all created. With over 800 Crew on site it is going to take us a little while to thank you all and it’s now almost impossible for me to get everyone in a single post without missing people out but I will try to make a start below and will be giving full coverage to you all on our website over the coming weeks:-

Love Summer 2017 - Tim Francis - 30


Charlotte, Jay, Windmill, Alice, Julia, Vicky, Jan & all that worked in the Box Office, a first-class front of house crew.


The Windmill & Team – You Rock & Rolled It

Love Summer 2017 - Windmill


MJT Security Services – Thanks for keeping us safe 😊


Glen, Jackie, Ruth, Fraser, Sky, James & all your Crew, this is one of the hardest & most physically demanding job on site and if not done properly it really shows, we are sooooooo lucky to have you on the Team, when we left the place was MINT better than when we arrived.


Neil, Tim and all at Future Technical Solutions, the clues in your name…. our Future lies with you and your exemplar production management. You took us where we wanted to go, RONSEAL CREW – Do exactly what it says on the tin – High Quality Job FTS

Recharged Sound & Light – Dave, Joe, Emma, Gelf, Kieran, James, Ash, Will, Simon, Ben, Craig, Claire & all the Recharged Crew, faultless, consistent and professional production management and delivery – “The Dave” what can we say!!!!!

DanceDanceDance & XYZ – I don’t know what to write apart from Wow!Wow!Wow! – Christian, Sam, Kenty, Fraser, Alex, Wez and all the people that put in so much effort at the Love City Stage, words truly fail me! An incredible piece of awesomeness in every respect, you knocked the ball right out of the park. Skizzo Friday night!, will never here the last of it from the young uns!!!!!! LEGEND!

Sounds Live – John, Georgina and all at Sounds Live – A fantastic job as ever, crisp, clear and professional to the max – It wouldn’t be a Live Stage without you. On Point in every respect.


Bernie, Jazzy, Yannis and all at Seagurls and all in the paint shop, you put the “icing on our cake” and I soooo look forward to my meetings with you, contact with your crew should be bottled and given as an anti-depressant, your silliness and fun knows no boundaries. We would so love to work with you all again in 2018.


Eric, Teri, Andy, Suzanne, Nobby, Karl, Anji and all that produced the site décor, it looked the nuts, so much work has gone into this before we came to site, sensational effort!


Mary, Suzy, Catherine and all the Medical Crew, it was like having our own mini hospital on site, thanks for looking after us we couldn’t do this without you. We love you, yes we do!!!!


To Adam our new site manager, thanks for being my “Right Hand Man” we get put through the SH1T, quite literally sometimes and anyone that can make it as much fun as you did can run my site any day. To the grafters, Campbell, Dave John, Javen, Mansour, Dom, Jan, Winston, Nikki, Fraser,  (sorry don’t know your friends name Fraser but he’s way up the list) Flo, Pottsy & Co. & massive thanks to James Waughby our all-round “goto guy”.  There’s loads more here I’ve missed so crew leaders please tag people up, there’s been a monumental effort by all.

Love Summer 2017 - Adam Dave

To Pete, Scott & all the Plympton Crew at Brandon Hire – You got this sewn up like a kipper boys, you just keep getting better & better every year.


A huge thank you to Carmen for recruiting and running our Fluorescent Army of Stewards. From Curly Phil & Co all over it like a rash to Mike in Car Parks and Amber & Crew sorting the issues, there are just so many of you now that we didn’t get to meet you all, over the winter we will be making contact with all the volunteers that worked for the festival to give you a personal thank you, you lot are the glue that holds this thing together.


To our Venue\Stage Managers and Music Directors, Pottsy, Alex, Angela, Dave, Paddy, Kate, Lee, Windmill, Shaun, Paul, Christian, Sam, you are an asset to any event and we feel proud and privileged to be working with you all as a team. The production of the event excelled in all areas and this was noticeable, we sincerely hope that our associations with you all can move forward to new heights in 2018  


To Richard, Paula and all involved with Singing Drum and Gateway to the Heart, and to all our Holistic Therapists, thank you for bringing a little bit of calm to our fast pace of party life, looking forward to planning 2018 with you all to expand this area.


From the Pom Pom workshops & Circus Skills to Magician Pirates & Willow Working with crazy love hearts, stilt walkers & walkabout acts there was something for all children in this area. Special mentions to Crafty Monkeys who have been with us for always, Alf for being Alf, Air Fish for going beyond the call of duty to provide Aerial Acts and to Paul & Elaine for their amazing travelling Cinema to name a few. We will be featuring all the children’s acts and workshops that performed for you in 2017 on our website in the coming weeks as all are very special to us. We even had a little Zoo!!


To our 35 traders who came and supplied our every need for the entire weekend. Knockout, we wanted for nothing and the food was superb. Class Act you lot and see you all next year.


And last but by no means least to all our customers who came and partied for 3 days without a single incident of any note, this is pretty much unheard of in the Festival Business. You truly are Professional Party People, we had plenty of 1st time Festival Families on site this year and the example set by the kindness, humility and freedom to party attitude shown by you all inspires us to carry on providing Love Summer Festival for many years to come.

Love Summer 2017 - Entrance

Thank You All from the very bottom of our hearts

See you in the fields

Billy & Jane xx

PS, please comment tag and generally big up anyone you think needs a special mention. I will have missed loads.

Tickets Still Available

Tickets – Still Available

Tickets purchased after 20:00 on 2nd August will be held at the Site Box Office for collection on your arrival (you will not need them to enter the car park).

Site Address – Newnham Park, Plympton, Devon, PL7 5BN

We are now on the last Tier of Tickets at £60 + £5.00 Booking Fee 

Caravan\Camper Passes are available below


Love Summer Festival 2017 – Adult Weekend Camping
£60.00+ £5.00 Booking Fee


Love Summer Festival 2017 – Child Weekend Camping
£27.50+ £2.50 Booking Fee


Love Summer Festival 2017 – Live-In\Caravan Pass
£15.00+ £2.50 Booking Fee

If for any reason you have a ticket problem and it’s last minute always turn up at the festival and our on-site Box Office will solve your issue (this includes bungled orders, thought you had paid and hadn’t, need an extra person etc. etc.).



Ladies & Gentlemen

Please see below for our Rogues Gallery





Seriously, I was at yet another festival 2 weeks ago that resulted in a customer having serious burns from one of these stoves, requiring an Air Ambulance to site. It leaked in the tent and then when ignited with the “sparker” the gas blew up inside! Same thing happened at Love Summer in 2013 but thankfully we were closer to the Hospital!

The Burns were Horrific!!

If you intend bringing one of these to the festival then it is essential for the safety of yourself, family and campers around you that you follow the Safety Rules for these appliances.

  • Always follow the instructions when installing the cylinder, the aerosol stoves can be quite difficult and if inserted incorrectly it is possible to ignite the appliance with a major gas leak present.
  • Never change or insert a gas cylinder inside a tent or building.
  • Never cook inside a tent 
  • Ensure the stove an any liquids are properly secured when cooking particularly if children are present, never leave a stove unattended.
  • Never operate or change a cylinder whilst intoxicated. 

We cannot stress enough how important this is, so many accidents occur every year at festivals with these stoves.

We have so much great food at Love Summer that you shouldn’t need to cook too much anyway, we see lots of food thrown away at the end of the event as peeps bring it and never cook it.


Gas Fridges – These bad boys are no better, I have witnessed 2 huge fires started by them one was at Newnham Park, both ruined lovely Camper Vans. I have never worked out why anyone wants to spend £15 on gas to keep £10 worth of food cold. A few ice packs or even a bag of ice in the cool box is usually good enough for a couple of days.

Stay Safe Party People xx

A Peak at The Site Plan

arena plan

We aren’t going to give it all away but here’s a quick look at our Site Plan for 2017. We will be on site in 11 days time to start building. There’s only a few more days left to order tickets and get them posted out. After that and if hey last that long tickets will be held in the site Box Office for Collection on Arrival.

The last few tickets are available here



See you in the fields xx

Love Summer Festival 2017 – The Family that Plays Together Stays Together

Love Summer Festival 2017 – 11 to 13th August – Newnham Park Estate, Devon, PL7 5BN

This one brought a Tear to the Eye in the Office. If you want to know why we do this check out 1 minute and 4 seconds into the video, it’s 1 second of action that sums up what we are trying to create… 3,2,1, Ignition, We Have LIFTOFF! – Blink and you will miss it!!


button - glamping

Love Summer Festival 2017 – Workshops and Activities – Booking Open


We have released the first batch of Workshops and Activities for the Festival, click on an icon to learn more, we have over 40 planned in total so we will be adding them right up to the event. most of the Activities are FREE, some however offer Therapies and 1 to 1 Tuition from Highly Experienced Practitioners, all charges are very reasonable. 

Hit the BOOK NOW button to sign up on our NEW Activity Booking Site .





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Please remember you don’t need to book for many of the activities and workshops you can just rock up on the day. Booking Up or Registering even for the FREE activities (i.e. most of them) allows us to monitor numbers, as if theirs something you like that fills up quickly we will get more of it!

If you haven’t got your Entry Tickets yet then please don’t leave it too late as we are now well over half way through the tickets, the Box Office Link is below:-



From £195 for 4 People!

If you want all the work taken out of your Festival our  Glamping is organised to give you a stress free Festival Experience from the minute you arrive. Everything you need is provided (bedding is ordered extra). We also have a full range of Artisan Food Traders on site and at great prices too, so all you need to remember is Your Toothbrush (and maybe a few Beers!).

Our Site is also easily and quickly accessible by Public Transport

Book Glamping Here

button - glamping

We Have Also Grouped Everything together in one place, Tickets, Glamping, Workshops, Activities the lot in our new FACEBOOK SHOP, check it out here and give the Page a like to be kept informed as new activities are added.


My Bad Sister @ Love Summer Festival




We can’t wait to get My Bad Sister on site…. These girls are on Fire at the moment, on it ain’t the half of it… Check out their website here:-

Check out this one out Rave Like an Egyptian…. This is gonna go right off!!!!!!!

These ladies are multi talented, they are accomplished singers, dancers and an absolute heap of other stuff too……..

We first listened to them when we kept hearing “stolen” samples of their work in DJ’s mixes left right and centre and they stood out,  So we made it top priority to seek them out and book them for 2017 – Top of our Booking List!

There’s loads more on their website go check them out

and DJ’s next time you think to “borrow” their work….. Take a few samples from this one 😉

Festival Toilet Talk


What is it about Festivals & Loo’s! Well I suppose its quite simple….. Some of them are GOPPING!!! You pay all that cash for your ticket and some events fail to provide even basic sanitation.

Now over the years I’ve seen things in portable loos that you just can’t un-see, it’s like a scar that you carry with you always…… Now! for our little people this can even be something that puts them off coming to Festivals in the first place….. Soooooooo! at Love Summer we have fully plumbed in FLUSHING TOILETS & this year we will be having TWICE AS MANY as you have told us this is something you like to see at events.


We still have lots of portable loos dotted around the site and loos for peeps with mobility impairment will also be available. As with any loos you can have loads but if you don’t clean them they’re pretty useless. All loos are serviced by the provider on a daily basis and we have on-site cleaning crews on-site, all Loos are numbered so please report any problems to Stewards.




If you would like your own private loo for the weekend these can be booked on the website by CLICKING THE IMAGE ABOVE

In previous years we have placed private loos right in your camp, this isn’t great as you and your neighbours end up camped next to it all weekend. This year they will be placed on the edges of the campsite in blocks and you will be assigned one (with key)  in the nearest block to you.

That’s That All Sorted Then 🙂