The Family That Plays Together Stays Together

Love Summer Festival 2017 – Official Video

Try it on HD through a big screen the quality is awesome, massive thanks to Old Rouge Productions you really know how to capture the spirit of an event 

[wpvideo zhgxKy5g]

Love Summer Crew & Customers…. Look at YOU!

What a truly awesome bunch of really nice people you are, we are humbled by you all. Festivals are about people, real people! This vid screams REAL LIFE at us all the way through.

Here’s a few facts about this year :-

14 Day Site Possession – Officially we were on holiday LOL!

No Mud (No plant on-site either, built with blood, sweat & tears)

No Bar

No Welfare

No Emergency Services or Security Incidents

1000 Customers – Youngest under 1, oldest I know of 84

1000 Crew & Performers – Approximately 20% paid, 80% Volunteers

64 Toilets

1600 Litres of Diesel

1500m of Herras Fence

200Kw of Power required to run FULL TILT

£3K to insure you all

12 Tonnes of Refuse

The best Crew EVER – Standard!

Nearly 1000 Cable Ties!!!!!

Unconditional Love – Immeasurable

After 7 years of hard work from many many people, some still with us and some moved on, I truly believe we have all created a festival model without the need for greed, where the desire to provide empowerment to entertain or be entertained has overridden everything to become the “rich return” we all crave and desire in our leisure time. I’ve been going to festivals all my life and I’m telling you, you lot are proper doing it for me right now, every member of crew and customer is buying into this, you’ve made it real!! No Smoke or Mirrors Required!!!!!!!

We Thank You All from The Bottom of our Hearts

Keep On Keepin It Real

 Billy, Jane & all the Love Summer Crew xx