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Seriously, I was at yet another festival 2 weeks ago that resulted in a customer having serious burns from one of these stoves, requiring an Air Ambulance to site. It leaked in the tent and then when ignited with the “sparker” the gas blew up inside! Same thing happened at Love Summer in 2013 but thankfully we were closer to the Hospital!

The Burns were Horrific!!

If you intend bringing one of these to the festival then it is essential for the safety of yourself, family and campers around you that you follow the Safety Rules for these appliances.

  • Always follow the instructions when installing the cylinder, the aerosol stoves can be quite difficult and if inserted incorrectly it is possible to ignite the appliance with a major gas leak present.
  • Never change or insert a gas cylinder inside a tent or building.
  • Never cook inside a tent 
  • Ensure the stove an any liquids are properly secured when cooking particularly if children are present, never leave a stove unattended.
  • Never operate or change a cylinder whilst intoxicated. 

We cannot stress enough how important this is, so many accidents occur every year at festivals with these stoves.

We have so much great food at Love Summer that you shouldn’t need to cook too much anyway, we see lots of food thrown away at the end of the event as peeps bring it and never cook it.


Gas Fridges – These bad boys are no better, I have witnessed 2 huge fires started by them one was at Newnham Park, both ruined lovely Camper Vans. I have never worked out why anyone wants to spend £15 on gas to keep £10 worth of food cold. A few ice packs or even a bag of ice in the cool box is usually good enough for a couple of days.

Stay Safe Party People xx