Grinagog – A Thank You

Hi Lovelies

3,2,1, Back in the Room….. Well…. Grinagog Festival what can I say


When they said to me can you produce a new and exciting ground breaking festival for Torquay in 5 months from a standing start, I told them from the outset that it wasn’t really possible & many would have walked away at this point…. That was never going to happen now though was it 😉 Life’s no race but we’re not coming second Torquay!!!!


To pull of an event like this requires unshakable confidence in what you are doing from the very outset…. To start with it’s just an idea spinning around in a Creative Mind and for Grinagog we have Chris Tofu to thank for this. However, from then on things get a little more serious and many hoops need to be jumped through by a huge bunch of people and in a seriously short amount of time.

Many of these people were thrown straight in at the deep end, a completely new team many with little or no experience in what it takes to pull together a festival, they all however had an overwhelming desire to get involved, give up their time, help each other and form their own Professional Team, the commitment given was to each other, Torquay and the success of the event, nothing else.

As someone who has been involved in the Management Team on some huge projects over the last 20 years I can honestly say I have never seen the like of it! The driven commitment, attention to detail and hard work for little or no recompense other than the combined Team Goal was PHENOMONAL & I am proud to say I have worked with you all and been part of what you have achieved. I’ve designed and built some things in my time but this is next level, trust me when I say you lot need to RUN WITH THIS, this one’s going all the way!!!!

There are so many people we need to thank and give credit to, I will try below but am bound to miss someone the team is just so IMMENSE



Torbay Council (The Mayors Event Fund), Coastal Communities Fund, Arts Council England, Torbay Development Agency – Without the funding and financial support from these organisations this event would not have taken place. You cannot believe the enjoyment and good this event has done for the town, if happiness measures the wealth of a community you should have taken a reading last weekend it was OFF THE SCALE



The Worshipful the Mayor of Torbay, Phil, Richard, Lady Alex, Becky, Vicky, Joseph, Mischa, Nick, Ali, Conway, Angela, Dave & all the Torre Abbey & Council staff who supported us or cleaned up after us! – I am assured that not many Councils have staff like this, well I can tell you not many organisations have staff like this PERIOD! All of these people went the extra mile for us, all working unpaid hours and taking the grief to make this happen. These are the HAPPENING people in your Council, look after them if you want a future!!

Big shout also to the local Licensing Department & Public Safety Advisory Group (PSAG) for all their support and time in helping us deliver such a ground-breaking event for Torquay in a ridiculously short timescale, thank you so much and promise we will be back to see you much earlier for next year. For the record, we had no unchallenging ride from PSAG they are responsible for emergency services and safety over a large area with a hugely variable population using stretched resources. To say we “went through the mill” would be an understatement, however they provided experience advice and support to us every step of the way. They don’t mess around though so ignore them at your peril and always remember Event Management Plans should be agreed 3 months of any event you are planning if you want things to go smoothly. #skinofourteeth


Credit – Geoff The Sand Artist


Chris, Alex M, Marcia, Christoph, Indi, Jasmine, Aniela, Jamie, Joanna – What can I say Drifts Crew but thank you from Torquay. You truly are a professional and inspirational bunch of Party People, can’t wait for the next time 😊 – www.continentaldrifts.co.uk



Big Thanks to Lisa and Rupert & all the Team at Wonder Associates for our amazing name, website and marketing materials. http://www.wonderassociates.com/

Big Shout to Guy and all at the Herald Express too, great support and coverage, thanks soooooo much. https://twitter.com/TQHeraldExpress/status/807215416888217604


To Lee Hodges that gave us the entire Grinagog concept and “Look”….. What can I say Lee, truly inspired! http://leeho.co.uk/



Chris & Josh at HTF – Love you guys and everything you do, calm, committed and a great approach in establishing the festival as a platform on tinterweb in such a short time. I’m sure you’ll even get me liking rock music in the end 😉 http://www.hitthefloor.com/features/i-sent-dad-uncle-review-torquays-grinagog-festival-2017/


****TECH CREWS****

CLOCKWORK AUDIO SYSTEMS – Neil, Dave, Tim, Jo & all the CAS Tech Crews – First Class and Faultless pretty much sums it up, you exceeded all expectations, what a show, you should be very very proud, an awesome piece of work!! – BE UNDER NO ILLUSION YOUR COMPANY WAS INSTRUMENTAL IN THIS FESTIVALS SUCCESS and Neil, you are the most patient sound man I have ever met!! https://clockworkaudio.co.uk/



RECHARGED SOUND & LIGHT – Disco Dave, Kieran, Graham, Gelf, Emma, Steph, Barclay, Che and all the Recharged Crew & DJ’s. Not sure how you guys keep putting up with me, each time I ask for the “extra mile” it’s a sprint carrying huuuuge speakers. I wouldn’t work with anyone else you know that xx http://rechargedsoundandlight.co.uk/

SOUTH WEST BACKLINE – Thanks Frank, quality equipment and service – http://www.southwestbackline.co.uk/

DAVE JAMES AUDIO – Big thanks Dave for providing us with a truly Rock Steady and professional Ska Venue in all respects. http://www.davejamesaudio.co.uk/

[wpvideo WGv10wmW]


To Ian, Dave, Craig and all the Pro-Tect Security. What a fantastic Team you have, smart, happy, professional and totally customer focused. Get your security contractor wrong and believe me you have a big PROBLEM, not with Pro-Tect this firm is the SOLUTION to holding a safe happy and absolutely banging event and they’re local too!! Thanks for looking after us, some of us can be a little difficult at times I’m sure 😉 info@pro-tect-security.co.uk


Right! Where do I start…. All I can do here is list them, the contribution is immense and I don’t think it’s possible to write it down, THESE ARE YOUR SERIAL PARTY MAKERS & FIXERS

Chris Tofu – Grinagog Music Director\Curator, Continental Drifts – https://www.facebook.com/chrisdjtofu/


Paul Reilly – Frighdays Crew – New and Exploding Local Talent of all Shapes & Sizes – RICC & Torre Abbey – Over 80 acts & musicians from this Crew appeared over the weekend. Entertainment delivered with attitude. – https://www.facebook.com/FRIGHDAYS/

Paddy Guest – It’s a Swing Thing, Bassfunk – A Festival Superman for all things Electroswing or Bass Heavy – Pier Point, RICC, One World, a busy boy…. I caught glimpses now and again, Old McDonalds at Pier Point was defo a highlight for me. – https://www.facebook.com/swingthingplymouth/  https://www.facebook.com/BassfunkPlymouth/

[wpvideo PG2az6Cr]

Dave Moore – Recharged Sound & Light – The Dave, RICC, Pool Party, One World, Pier Point – We challenged Dave & The Recharged Crew this time, thanks you lot we really appreciate it https://www.facebook.com/discodavemoore/  https://www.facebook.com/recharged.soundandlight


Rupert Davies – Our Main man for all things Torre Abbey related, great show Ru you certainly had all bases covered there… Not sure I’m the same after seeing some of those movies though 😉 https://www.facebook.com/bizarrerituals/

[wpvideo Co1LOw0Z]

Glyn Wilcox – Ska Au Go Go – The Soda Fountain – Thanks so much Glyn a great venue and a great Team. Faultless Rock Steady & Ready, we need to expand this genre next year, RUDE BOY!


Elliot Elmer – PRIZMA – Local Live Music, RIC, Live Tent – Thanks Elliot it’s great to have so much enthusiasm and local music knowledge on the team



Nick Potter – Supersonics – Live Tent, Spanish Barn, RIC – Great Tent Pottsy, Live Music all the way, TQ till we die!!


Alex Downey – Souloud – RIC, The Dave, One World – There isn’t no show without Punch, one of the festivals unsung heroes constantly running on the “hamster wheel” in the background. Thanks so much for taking the time to work with us.  ALEX ALSO ORGANISED THOSE AWESOME PROJECTIONS ON THE ABBEY



Kate Graham – Soundlaunch – Out Door Stage, Torre Abbey, Buskers – The work that Kate and Soundlaunch do for South Devon’s young and aspiring musicians is immense and is one of the “big wins” for Grinagog to have them involved. This is real talent no “smoke or mirrors required!” https://www.facebook.com/soundlaunch/


Robin Patterson – RinseIT – RIC – Well Sir, what can we say, it means everything to have the support and commitment from established and well respected brands such as yours from the outset. Big Banging and Bassy Headliners from The Best…… Thanks buddy you and your Crew blew us away



Alex Johnston – RIC, One World – Electroswing magician and general puller of “Rabbits from Hats”. Thanks for all your help mate and I have your mixer here still 😊



Ste Gould – Movement in Sound – One World – Great Show Ste & Co, it was what Sundays were invented for.

[wpvideo p9DdHvH0]


Chris Hines – HTF – RIC HTF Rock Stage – Quality job all the way Mr Hines, you certainly nailed that one alright. Big Ups the entire HTF Crew for delivering a rock stage to be proud of.


Angela Lane – Lionheart – One World – Great show Lady Ang & Lee – Roots, Rockin and well Iriee https://www.facebook.com/lionheartsoundsystem/

****THEATRE & ART****

The Grinagog Puppet – Geraldine at Egg Shed Arts & her Team at South Devon College – Truly the most inspirational item of the whole event! Mahoosive thanks to Glen Melhuish for having the faith to let us put hin inside it LOL


[wpvideo PszkYXoZ]

Bernie & Jasmine and the Seagurls Team – Thanks for giving us the Festival Feeling and bringing the event to life, from the procession to the crazy morph grinners and flashmobs, your contribution was immense and can’t wait to see what you will do if given a realistic budget to use. Miles and miles of Grinagog Smiles 😊

[wpvideo 3FCFH2eS]

Yannis & Eddie – Our Graffiti Artists in residency, the kids really loved this and the designs were amazing and you even managed to keep it all on the boards 😉


Sound Communities Radio – Great work guys, a few technical hitches on power from us to start but well worth the perseverance, thanks so much – http://www.soundcommunities.co.uk/

Doorstep Arts – Great show Doorsteppers, see you all next year. – http://www.doorsteparts.co.uk/

Promenade Promotions – Thanks Tony & Co, I did come round for a go at the test your strength at the end of the day, but you had gone, like I said just wanted to give everyone else a fair chance – http://www.prom-prom.com/


Eric, Teri and the crew at Fabricate – A difficult job in a challenging timeframe…. A quality job as it always is when you’re involved. ericv@talktalk.net

****SITE CREW****

Adam, Paul (AKA Fraggle), Yannis, Campbell, Louis – You built it and they came, thanks for the graft boys you’re welcome on my crew any day of the week, maybe give Sunday a miss 😉





Love Summer Crew you were awesome. You volunteered for a 5 hour shift and nearly all worked 2 or 3 shifts, some of you just never stopped. Highlights for me were the local volunteers that turned up “on spec”, we couldn’t have done it without you and I was sooo busy I know I never got to thank you all personally. Other great bits – Les, you can run my main gate any day of the week. James, you will save our planet….. and the best “Electro Unicycle Steward” & “Random Man” you are wasted in Artists Liaison you two should be on stage, Poetry in Motion and how many hours did you do!  

To Carmen our Superwoman Steward Coordinator, To Dave, Lulu, Les, Samantha, Jane, Charlotte, Jay, James H, Suzanne, Ray, Holly, Ben W, Josh, Van, Mary, Kirsty, George B, Nina, Bradley, Catherine, Ben R, Jack, Henry, Sarah, Aimee, Wayne, Ray, George F, Allan, Derek, Richard, James T, Tracie, Karen, Kadia, Jonathan, Joe, Jo, Jill, Jenny, Ian, Fran, Fiona, Elizabeth, Chloe, Alicia, Alex, Abigail & Phil who worked as volunteers, thank you so much and please stay in touch. You cannot put a price on a volunteer, THEY ARE PRICELESS, big love Party People.



torre abbey

Joseph and his outstanding Team at Torre Abbey, what a great bunch – http://www.torre-abbey.org.uk/

riviera Simon, Georgia and all the Events Team at the Riviera International Centre. – https://www.rivieracentre.co.uk/meetings-events

oneworld2Lynn and all the staff from One World Café, I hope you have all recovered! – http://www.oneworldcafe.org.uk/

pierpointKelly and the awesome Crew at Pier Point. We love this place sooooo much. – http://www.pier-point.co.uk/

raimbow  Glyn and his Team at the Soda Fountain – Glyn Wilcox had many “hats” for this event and a week or so after major surgery still not sure how you did it……You’re a one-man Entertainment Machine!


A massive thanks to Craig and his Team at Event Paramedic Services for keeping everyone healthy and happy.



Simon and his team at Ashley Events for the Awesome Tents – http://www.ashleyevents.co.uk/

Tony and his Team at Brandon Hire in Torquay & Plympton for sorting all the infrastructure and providing support right through the event. – http://www.brandontoolhire.co.uk/en/

Andy at AB Powerhouse for outdoor electrical services. http://www.abpowerhouse.com/

Shad at SPS – Stage Containment and barriers – http://www.sps-productions.co.uk/

Vince and his Team at Meat 59 for the awesome Burgers – http://www.meat59.com/

Edmond And his Crew at world food for some excellent Vegetarian food, I mean “That’s what I call a wrap!” – http://www.maineventsw.uk/


To all the performers that played for us – You are the Festival and Torquay thanks you from the Bottom of The Bay for taking the time to come and perform, I should have sacked the job off and bought a ticket the line-up was immense and some peeps proper helped us out on this one.



Into The Woods Photography


Dom Moore Photography – http://www.dommoore.co.uk/

Old Rouge Productions – http://www.oldrougeproductions.com/

There’s loads more peeps on the media case but I don’t have all their details from Students carrying out surveys to “Robocop” camera men it was all going off. Even saw a crazy lazer emitting robot at one stage or did I just imagine that due to tiredness.

AND FINALY TO ALL OUR ****CUSTOMERS**** and bought tickets to the first year, thanks to you all and I hope we will see you all again in 2018

I know I have missed people her as it’s a massive list please share and tag amongst your crews and DJ’s what you created in 20 weeks on a shoestring budget is up there with the best so get and “Blow That Trumpet” Grinagog & Torquay YOU’RE ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Finally………

Does anyone know this bloke he got everywhere???!!!!!