Phat Bollard for Love Summer 2017


Phat Bollard Confirmed for Love Summer 2017

It gives us amazing pleasure to welcome Phat Bollard back to Love Summer Festival for 2017. They’re not Political….. They just tell it like it is! They personify everything we stand for at Love Summer, it’s about real people, real music, real LOVE!.

It’s a pleasure to have them back on our site, great people, great fun and great music. Full On evening Main Stage Slot this time. Probably catch them in Plymouth City Centre prior to us too…. Proper Grafters in delivering¬†Music To The Masses.

This is what the BBC Said about them:-

“The group Phat Bollard makes a living travelling around the UK playing to passersby in city centres. A mobile phone recording of their song “Millionaires”, which criticises big business and peoples’ attitudes towards the homeless, has been viewed nearly three million times on Facebook.”

Check out their web site https://www.phatbollard.co.uk/  and show your support for Grass Roots Live Music