TQ – We Need You!

An Open Invitation to The People of South Devon & Beyond – You are all invited to the Parteeeeeeeeee!


This is really hotting up the next line-up release is going to be immense!


Torquay, Devon – 7-9th April 2017

If you’ve been down town lately you will see just about every pub and club being ripped apart and serious investment being made in the Entertainments Industry. This Town is REGENERATING, it must happen it was part of the deal to get the new road to the Bay…. we’re on the UP! And you can get here real quick now!

Now any self-respecting Resort Town has a Festival… and a Good One! Torbay Council, Arts Council England & The Coastal Regeneration Fund have given us a massive chance here to show what we can do as a Team & so many great people are working stupid hours as well as their day jobs for no money to pull this off. I am not sure a Town has ever done this before, I take my hats off to you all this is the real deal. This isn’t just Torquay either this is a full-on Devon Agglomeration.

To our Local Performers, Creatives & Music Community your response has been phenomenal in achieving this for us, we could run for a week on the offers we have had. We have been so overwhelmed with stuff that we still need to get back to many of you regarding your amazing offers and we will be contacting you over the next few weeks. We would love to run everyone on the program it’s just amazing, trying to put a line-up together is soooooo hard…..

Once you combine Public & Private Sector operations things start to move…. We saw this with the new bypass, do it again but throw in some Creative Geniuses and the Management from Shangri-La together with the biggest range and diversity of music Torquay has EVER seen and loads of great people, I mean……. My jobs not hard is it, it’s a blag Dave!

The Local Council are not only behind us they are right at the front pushing it forward, they are having no nonsense this is going to happen.

If you are not involved in this festival already, there are 3 main things you can do to make a huge difference for us.

  • Buy a Ticket to this Ground Breaking and Immense New Festival in quite frankly what must be the best Festival site ever for the stupid price of £35, I mean come on what have we got to do! Tell your friends, tell your family, if you used to live here then come back for the weekend and bring your friends. Tickets are limited and we expect to sell out in the first year so you have been warned, line up release 2 is even bigger than the first……www.grinagogfestival.com for tickets.
  • We need Volunteer Crew & Stewards, loads! As from next week we start contacting those that have offered help so far and supply all the event details. We literally need 100’s of you. If you don’t like going to festivals or parties… Great! Step this way, you can help, every major festival event has an army of people rushing around making things happen and making sure everybody’s Safe & Sound, it can’t happen without them, they make it! Sorry but there is a form to fill in but once that’s done we contact you and this is FUNEMPLOYMENT from the word go. It’s  www.lovesummercrew.com/registration to SIGN UP.

Torquay…. Not your Average Town ——– Grinagog…. Not your Average Festival


oh…. And No Mud!